Pug Life!

It was a successful day at the office at Cafe Bones in Leichhardt for the monthly pug meet up day. There was a fantastic turnout and lots of new faces. Rufio had a ball chasing and wrestling all the other pugs. He was extremely exhausted afterwards and a long nap followed! The pugs will be joining forces to create a team for the RSPCA Australia Million Paws Walk 2012 on Sunday May 20th to raise money for animals in need. Make sure you register! Its an absolute ball for dogs and their owners! And a great chance to meet lots of other dog lovers.

Treats a la Bark organic dog pug

Treats a la Bark organic dog pug

Treats a la Bark organic dog pug

Treats a la Bark organic dog pug

Also, check out today’s street pup (below) who we spotted in Sydney. His name is Jack and he is a Border Colllie X Wippet. He is an absolutely amazing bouncy ball of energy with the most amazing smile! To check out more of our Street Pups, please go to the Treats a la Bark Pinterest!

Treats a la Bark organic dog Street Pups

We also feature a Le Daily Bark; photos that owners send in to us of their dogs with a short blurb about them! Check out Maya below. She is a 3 year old Siberian Husky! Maya has the funniest personality and is super cheeky! She likes to sleep in the pot plant (no matter how many beds her owner buys her )to keep cool and is obsessed with water. She loves heading down to the dog park and having a good socialize and prefers to play with the smaller dogs. Every time her owner gets home from work she has lots of stories to tell, she never stops talking!! After all the expensive and cool toys bought for her she will not give up her Mini Mouse toy with only one leg and hand. Maya also loves a good day out at Bondi! If you would like your dog to be featured as Le Daily Bark, please email us at info@treatsalabark.com.au with a photo and a short blurb about them. Check out our Pinterest for more Le Daily Barks 🙂

Treats a la Bark organic husky dog Le Daily Bark

Every day we will also feature a shelter dog to help find them a home. Our shelter dog feature today is Kyla (pictured below) from Doggie Rescue. Kyla is a very gentle calm girl who is social with other dogs. She is a sweet house dog who does not need a lot of exercise. She has a short coat which means easy care. Kyla loves a good walk and is happy to chill out for the rest of the day. Kyla is also cat friendly which is unusual for her breed! She has a shoulder that dislocates from time to time, but clicks back into position. There is nothing that can be done surgically to improve it. She weighs 6.7kg. She comes desexed, C5 vaccinated, heartworm free and microchipped. Her adoption cost is $400. Do you know someone who is looking to bring a bit more love into their lives in the New Year? Please share. For further details email Monika@DoggieRescue.com or visit the Doggie Rescue website.

Treats a la Bark organic shelter dog

We’ll feature one shelter doggie every day so check back on our Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and please remember…

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(image via Cage Free Canines)