Lets be more dog friendly!

The Easter long weekend is now over unfortunately so Rufio was back in the office today, getting business done. Coincidentally, we read this article today from Time Magazine, as seen on Dogue about how bringing your dog with you to the office will keep stress levels low and strengthen human relationships. We definitely believe in this theory as having Rufio in the office definitely makes the whole office happier and I feel relaxed having him by my side.  Are you allowed to take your dog to the office?

Office Pug Treats a la Bark organic

All around Australia, dogs are being banned in more places, including on the beaches. People are still allowed to bring their bags of takeaway onto the beach, but a dog can’t run on the sand or dip his paws in the water even though 99% of dog owners clean up after their pups. It’s very sad. We believe that the world would be a happier place if dogs were allowed to go with us to more places! There are a few places in Sydney that we know where dogs are free to visit! Here are just a list of a few places:

1. Cafe Bones in Leichhardt. This is one of our favourite places to visit. Its more of a cafe for dogs than for humans but that’s why we love it. It’s an off leash dog park with Puppacinos for the dogs and coffees, sandwiches and cake for the humans.

2. The Winery in Surry Hills. This place is a gorgeous wine bar with a huge dog friendly outside area offering sumptuous views of the city.

3. Cafe Jolly in Leichhardt. This place always has owners having Sunday breakfasts outside with their pups at their feet. It’s a wonderful to be able to have a lazy breakfast out at a cafe with your pup.

4. Cafe Mint in Surry Hills. On the weekends, this place draws a big crowd with dog friendly tables outside and delicious middle eastern food, this place is to bark for!

4. Pet Barn. This mega pet department store is a fantastic place to stock up on your dog essentials and the best part is that you can bring your pup with you! All stores have a dog refueling station and other fellow doggies to sniff! Selected stores even have dog washing and grooming!

5. Chew Chew in Wollstonecraft. This is the only dog restaurant we know of! They have delicious meals for dogs. No food for humans, but your dog will have an awesome time dining here!

Do you know of any other places in Sydney or around Australia that are dog friendly? Let us know! We would love to hear! Check out Doggie Spot which is a great website full of different places that are dog friendly!

So obviously, we love all things dog, so this means that we also love products that feature dogs! Here are just a few of our favourites from Typo.

1. Vintage Dog Block Print

Dog Vintage Block Print Treats a la Bark

2. Pug Bookends

Pug Bookends Treats a la Bark

3. Keep Calm and Pat a Dog Blank Card

Pug Keep Calm Dog Card Treats a la Bark

And now that the nights are getting cold, what perfect way to bring some warmth and luxury for your dog than our picks below!

1. Gorgeous Faux Fur Rug from Puppy Tales! So beautiful and snuggly, your pup will struggle to get up in the mornings!

Dog Faux Fur Rug Treats a la Bark

Dog Faux Fur Rug Treats a la Bark

2. This luxurious dog lounge with a faux fur cover which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The cover is removable and the bed fabric is waterproof and chew resistant but soft and puffy enough to allow your dog to sink in and feel snuggly. Available at Paws & Co.

Dog Lounge Treats a la Bark

Dog Lounge Treats a la Bark

3. These Letterman Pillows from Fuzzyard are a soft with a removable cover and versatile and easy to take with you. Perfect to snuggle up on in front of the TV in the lounge room.

dog pillow treats a la bark

Help find a home for our feature shelter doggie (below), Sarsha, so that she too can have a warm and snuggly home this winter. She is an Australian Cattledog cross Fox Terrier aged 9Mths and currently located Animal Welfare Leauge Gold Coast. An active, cheeky, clever dog who would benefit from being your gym buddy – she needs daily exercise & mental stimulation. Sarsha can get a little worried when she’s left on her own so having another doggy companion or person at home with her would be the best. She is social with other dogs but full of beans so older kids who want to run around with her would be best. If you know anyone who would be able to help her, please email Adminassistant@awlqld.com.au for more details.

Shelter dog Animal Welfare League Adopt Treats a la Bark

Let’s finish with today’s street pup (below). His name is Sid. He is a 2 year old Corgy who is quiet and rather shy around other dogs but loves a good cuddle with people.

Street pup Corgy Treats a la Bark organic

Happy Tuesday everyone! We love short weeks 🙂

Happy Organic Pug Dog Treats a la Bark