Rustic Dog Photo Board DIY

I love beautiful things, especially when they involve showcasing photos of your dog with an easy and rustic DIY. I found these old wooden planks on the side of the road and loved their texture. So I brought them home and gave them a wash and a rough sand. I decided that I could use them as a photo board to showcase some photos of Rufio so I cut out some photos of him and stuck them onto the board. They look great in my room and add a nice touch!

Rustic photo board dog Treats a la Bark

Rustic photo board dog Treats a la Bark pug

Rustic photo board dog Treats a la Bark

Rustic photo board dog Treats a la Bark

So, our website is currently under construction and we have a photoshoot booked in early May with some doggies. We have picked the date, location and our gorgeous dog models and will keep you updated on any further developments as we have some exciting news on the way 🙂

Today’s Le Daily Bark is Roxy a 7 year old red cattle dog! She enjoys going for walks on the beach & chasing livestock around the farm. She carries the lead in her mouth & drags her owner to wherever she wants to go. She hates sleeping on her mat or in her kennel. She’s always foung curled up in the dirt under a tree. Her best friend is a black Persian cat! They would should be on that show unlikely animal friends!

Treats a la Bark Le Daily Bark Dog Organic

Rufio was extremely cold today. It seems as though winter is fast approaching. He rugged himself up in my scarf but its definitely not as cute as the dog jumpers we stumbled across today!

Organic Winter Pug Dog Scarf Treats a la Bark

1. “Pup in da hood” dog hoodie from Miyow & Barkley

Miyow and barkley pup in the hood Treats a la Bark

2. Canine Cline Polo-neck dog jumpers from Dogue

Dog polo jumper Dogue Treats a la Bark

We also saw this post from Sausage & Sanchez about creating some cat Softie’s which can then be put up for adoption on the Animal Welfare League QLD website.  If you’re crafty you can either make it from a pattern  (see links on the AWL QLD website) or go free-hand. You can also ‘adopt’ the handmade Softies for a small donation. They will be available to adopt for a donation of either $10 or $20 (depending on the size and the detail of the creation). Keep an eye out on the website as they will be posting the Softies up as soon as they receive any! Better still, get started and make one yourself. Anyone want to help me sew?

Craft 4 Cats Animal Welfare League QLD

We’ll finish today with some good news. Pets Haven Animal Shelter in Victoria had 11 adoptions today! Check out the adopted four legged animals here. Its wonderful to know that these animals have been saved and are going to good homes. They will have someone warm to love them and cuddle them this winter. Maybe we can help these little Labrador blend puppies also find a home? Both Bambi and her sister Trinity are very submissive loving babies. These puppies adore other dogs, excellent with cats and wonderful with kids. They are both located in Victoria, and can be rehomed interstate. If you’d like to find out more Trinity and Bambi, please contact Pets Haven on  (03) 5427 3603 or 0417 397 065  or visit their website.

Bambi shelter dog Pets Haven Treats a la Bark Adopt

Trinity shelter dog Pets Haven Treats a la Bark Adopt