DIY chalkboard dog treat jar

So I bought some chalkboard paint months ago, wanting to paint everything in it but never got round to it! Yesterday I realised that Rufio needed a new dog treat jar. The boring plastic Tupperware was definitely not stylish or worth displaying on my kitchen counter! What better way than to use the chalkboard paint to create a stylish dog treat jar! Here is how I did it.

Things I used:

  • Glass jars
  • Chalkboard paint (I got mine from Bunnings)
  • Paint brush
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper to protect the table surface

DIY chalkboard dog treat jar Treats a la Bark

First thing to do is to prepare the stencil. I just printed mine out on paper and then cut it out. You can download the bone stencil I used here. Once you have the stencil ready, stick them to your jar with masking tape and apply the paint carefully. Remember to apply the paint from the outside in.

DIY chalkboard dog treat jar Treats a la Bark

DIY chalkboard dog treat jar Treats a la Bark

Applying about 3 layers of the paint is perfect. After the paint dries, take the stencil off carefully. If there are some imperfections in the shape, don’t worry! It can be easily scratched off. It doesn’t have to be perfect though, I like it a little rustic!

DIY chalkboard dog treat jar Treats a la Bark

Here is the finished product filled with delicious organic dog biscuits! Definitely a lot more stylish! What do you think?

DIY chalkboard dog treat jar Treats a la Bark

Here is our Le Daily Bark for today. His name is is Henry, a 3 year old king Charles cavalier. He’s the happiest little man when he’s sitting in the sun surrounded by people. He loves causing trouble with his little sister Harper (who we featured yesterday) and spends all day wagging his tail and chasing the cat.

Henry King Charles Cavalier Le Daily Bark Treats a la Bark

Here is our shelter doggie feature today. Her name is Shona and she is located at Doggie Rescue Ingleside NSW. She is a very gentle affectionate girl. She has a smooth easy care coat & a bluish tongue which depicts the sharpei breed. Shona has basic obedience & is willing to please. Shona is social with most dogs but she is very athletic and can jump 1.8m fencing. She would be suited where someone is around a lot or where she can go to work or can be left inside the house. Shona is just over 20kg – a strong girl but walks well on lead. Help Shona find a forever home! Please email

Adopt Shelter Dog Doggie Rescue Treats a la Bark