Baby dog photos

Do you ever wonder how your pup got so big so quickly? This is Rufio at 5 weeks! Can’t believe how small he was! Do you ever look back at puppy photos of your dog? I do it all of the time! It reminds me of the times I’ve caught my dad looking at baby photos of me, telling me he was reminiscing and wondering how I grew up so fast.

baby pug Rufio puppy Treats a la Bark

Baby pug dog Rufio Treats a la Bark

Baby pug dog Rufio Treats a la Bark

Rufio has always been a very smart dog. Even as a puppy, he was able to work out every treat toy we bought him and get all the treats out in less than 1 min! We even tried freezing the peanut butter inside the treat toys but he worked out that if you picked up the toy and threw it against a wall, that the filling inside would smash and fall out! He would snuffle up all the goodness in less than 20 seconds flat!

We stumbled across these toys today from Nina Ottosson as seen on On All Paws. Looks like Rufio will finally meet his match! Watch out Ruf 🙂

Dog Treat Toy Challenge Nina Ottosson Treats a la Bark

Dog Treat Challenge Nina Ottosson Treats a la Bark

Dog Treat Challenge Nina Ottosson Treats a la Bark

And how about this! Obviously you know we love everything and anything organic! So how awesome did we feel when we stumbled across these organic shampoos from Big Bone. Perfect for sensitive skin and if you’re looking for the best for the health of your dog’s skin and fur. They even do an aromatherapy and flea & tick range! Check them out!

Organic Dog Shampoo Big Bone Treats a la BarkOrganic Dog Shampoo Big Bone Treats a la Bark

With all that bathtime you’re going to need a nice towel to dry off! Check out this gorgeous towel from Rufus & Coco available at Paws & Co. It’s super absorbent and machine washable. It’s just like a chamois for your dog!

Dog towel Rufus & Coco Treats a la Bark

Or if you want a quick and easy solution, we love this waterless shampoo from Fuzzyard! When Rufio needs a quick refresher in between grooming appointments, we just give him a quick spritz with this. It’s so easy and keeps him smelling fresh with tangerine oil and soothing Aloe Vera. They use organic ingredients wherever possible and all of their shampoos and conditioners are sulphate free!

Fuzzyard Waterless Shampoo Treats a la Bark

Here is our featured shelter pup today. Her name is Norma, a femal lab/pointer x! She is located at PetRescue in QLD but can be relocated interstate. She loves life & everyone she meets whether its other dogs or humans. She loves swimming & would prefer to live near a beach or where she could go swimming every day. She is a very sensitive & intelligent girl, walks well on lead. She needs lots of exercise & loves her car rides. Norma will make a very faithful & loving friend to anyone who would love to give her a second chance at life. Help her find a forever home.

Norma PetRescue Adopt Shelter Dog Treats a la Bark