Dogs need exercise too!

We are all aware that to keep healthy we not only need to eat a balanced diet, but we also need to exercise daily. At least 30 minutes of exercise is recommended for us to maintain both physical and mental health.  Exercise not only helps keep our weight in check but it also helps reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease and helps keep us happy!

dog exercise Treats a la Bark

Humans have become more and more sedentary and dogs are also joining this trend in becoming a couch potato!  Dogs these days are often left at home alone and inactive for most of the day and this leaves them with no outlet for physical and mental stimulation which can contribute to the development of behavioural problems. Common behavioural problems from lack of exercise and play time include destructive digging and chewing, raiding the garbage bin, excessive barking and hyperactivity.

Just getting out for a 30 minute walk can do wonders in not only helping your dog release all their energy, but a chance to explore the world outside your house, socialise with other people and other doggies which will help build up their confidence and their trust. Each dog is individual and will require varying degrees of exercise based on certain factors such as their breed, size and age. Choose activities that suit your dog’s individual personality and natural interests. Sometimes just a trip to the local off- leash dog park is all they need.  Other activities can include playing fetch or swimming. Experiment with different ideas to see what’s most enjoyable for you and for your dog.

dog exercise Treats a la Bark

Other important things to keep your pup mentally stimulated include interactive and challenging toys. By exercising regularly, you are keeping yourself and your pup healthy and happy! So go on, grab the lead and saddle up your pup, get outside to soak up the beautiful outdoors!

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