One week till Treats a la Bark Photoshoot!

So it’s just over a week until our photo shoot with the gorgeous dog models and things are really starting to come together! Our wonderful graphic designer, Laura, completed the labels today and they were sent off and approved for printing! You’re going to have to hold off for now on our flavours but we will let you in on them soon so stay tuned! Tomorrow we are meeting with Brandog to pick out the gorgeous collars and bowls for the shoot! In preparation for the shoot, one of our models, Jay, was busy prepping by getting some beauty sleep. It’s hard work being good looking! Dog Model Jay Spoodle Treats a la Bark

Now on another note, I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE cute cards. Sometimes I just buy cards because they’re cute, and for no special occasion at all. How cute are these cards? Available from Puppy Tales.

cute dog card Puppytales Treats a la Bark

cute dog card Puppytales Treats a la Bark

cute dog card Puppytales Treats a la Bark

Check out this street pup. His name is Max and he is a French Bulldog X Pug. I thought he looked like he had Staffy in him but apparently not! Him and Rufio had an awesome wrestling session :)!

French Bulldog X Pug Street pup Treats a la Bark

Today’s featured shelter dog is Rupert a 1 yr old staffy, in search of a loving forever home. A fun loving dog with a happy-go-lucky nature. Rupert is a young, playful & innocent little guy who has his whole life ahead of him. He will benefit from further training (leash work) but is very keen to learn. He has a loving, friendly nature & a wonderful temperament. He LOVES other dogs & would be best suited where he will have another dog companion or have regular playdates with other dogs. Visit

Adopt Shelter Dog Staffy Rescue Treats a la Bark