Lazy pug and spotted street pups!

Is your dog lazy? Rufio certainly is. This is him every morning. He HATES mornings! Haha,    just like his mummy! And now with winter fast approaching, it’s gettting harder and harder for him to get out of bed hehe.

lazy dog pug yawn

lazy dog pug bed sleep

Here are some gorgeous street pups we’ve spotted recently! We love meeting other pups out an about!

street pup Treats a la Bark

street pup Treats a la Bark

street pup Treats a la Bark

And here is our featured shelter doggie for today. This one felt extra special to me, she has the same name as me!  Help save Naomi! She is the sweetest girl who will stick to you like glue. She loves other doggies, think kids are pretty cool and is social with cats as well! Being the happy girl she is she live with a spring in her step so secure fencing is best. She’s a playful, but smoochy, beautiful girl who ticks all the boxes & would make a perfect companion or addition to an active family. She is located at Animal Welfare League of QLD.

shelter dog adopt Treats a la Bark

And if you are having a bad day, check out this really cute dog video. It will definitely cheer you up! Hehe. Hope everyone is having a great week. We are still recovering from the photo shoot – extremely exhausted. We are still waiting for more BTS photos so stay tuned!