Every day is mother’s day when you’re a dog mum!

Being a dog mum is so special because every day feels like mothers day. They shower you with kisses and cuddles in the mornings, they welcome you home with extreme excitement telling you how much they missed you all day, they can’t wait to go for a walk with you and then cuddle on the couch with you in front of the TV to relax.  Every day you get lots of appreciation for being their mum. Where else can you get that?

So this mothers day, do some fun things with your dog and celebrate the special bond you have with you pup.

1. Go to brunch together! Saddle up your dog and enjoy a lovely meal together. There are a few restaurants and cafes which are dog friendly. I wrote up about some of these places in this post.

2. Have a picnic together! You can go out to a nice park and soak up the beautiful outdoors, enjoy some delicious food and treats together and let your pup have a run around. You could even have one in your own backyard! Pretty Fluffy did a beautiful post on how to have a wonderful picnic with you dog. You can view it here.

3. Go for a walk together. Get outdoors for a heart healthy walk. Your dog will love you for the extra time outdoors together. Maybe go somewhere different today so you can both enjoy something new! If the weather allows it, maybe take a trip to the beach!

4. Dress your dog up for the special day. It’ll brighten your day every time you look at your fur child! There are lots of mum-love dog clothes around that you could dress your pup up in. Here are some of our favs from Etsy.

1. I love my mom dog sweater by dpelos
i love my mom dog sweater mothers day

2. I heart mom pet fleece by smallthreads
i heart mom dog fleece mothers day

3. Mother’s day dog bandana by doggydesign
love mom dog bandana mothers day

love mom dog bandana mothers day

Or if that’s not your thing, a simple a leash or collar designed with hearts or flowers can be cute!

1. Sprout collar by Brandog
mothers day dog collar flower brandog

2. Foxy Leads by Dogue
mothers day dog lead dogue

3. I love my mom collar by katiesk9kollars
i love my mom dog collar mothers day 

5. Sponsor a doggie that doesn’t have a mum. Giving an orphan dog some hope will be the greatest gift of all. By sponsoring a dog you will help pay for their vet bills, accomodation and any special treatment they require for health problems. There are many dog shelters that offer this option. Here are just a few:

1. Doggie Rescue
2. Victorian Dog Rescue
3. Working Dog Rescue

Even if your local dog shelter doesn’t offer a sponsorship option, make a donation or even foster a dog. Your dog would love a friend to play with and you’ll be giving the shelter dog the love they deserve.

Happy mothers day!

Dog mothers day rufio pug love