Dog Bowl Inspiration

There are some amazing dog bowls out there at the moment! There are so many styles that can match the decor in your home. Some of them are good DIY inspiration! Here are just a few of my favourites that I have spotted:

1. DIY Dog Feeder made from an old crate

DIY dog bowl feeder rustic crate

2. DIY dog bowl tableDIY dog bowl rustic

3. DIY pet bowl stand

DIY pet-bowl-stand-diy

4. Very sleek invisible bowls by Petbitat available from Paws & Co
sleek invisible dog bowls Petbitat

sleek invisible dog bowls Petbitat

5. Stylish bowls by Brandog

stylish dog bowl

stylish dog bowl

Wow, just wow! It’s amazing how much is out there for doggies and their owners these days!

On another note, the latest Le Daily Bark is Buffy. She is a 10 month old labradoodle who is a therapy dog working at a counselling service for domestic violence. Buffy works very hard everyday with women & children, making them feel happy & loved in their time of need. She works alongside counsellors to bring smiles & joy to everyone that walks through the door. She was named by a group of young girls that instantly bonded with her. Therapy dogs are becoming a popular way to welcome and comfort those in need.What an amazing little doggie! ♥

therapy dog Le Daily Bark Labradoodle

And our featured shelter dog is Izzy. Beautiful Izzy is nearly four years old and is a very special dog. Izzy is totally deaf but you would not know it! She has the happiest disposition & everyone who meets her falls in love. She will need an experienced owner who is dedicated to train with her. Help save Izzy! For more info please contact Animal Welfare Leauge NSW Ingleside Shelter on (02) 8899 3333

adopt shelter dog Animal Welfare League NSW