Dog Massage

Have you ever given your dog a massage? Rufio thoroughly enjoys a nice slow rub and I usually give him one every night before bed. Massaging is a great way to soothe your doggie’s sore muscles, relax them and also increase the bond between you and your dog.

Here are a few tips on giving your dog a massage at home:

  • Don’t force your dog into a massage. They should be relaxed and calm.
  • Take your doggie somewhere where there aren’t many distractions such as noise or food.
  • Call your doggie onto a surface that isn’t too hard or too soft and somewhere they are comfortable. I usually massage Rufio on the bed in our bedroom as this is where he sleeps and he is most relaxed. To make him extra comfortable I usually give him his favourite toy. Never make your dog face the wall or a corner as they might feel scared or trapped. It’s best to do it somewhere out in the open.
  • Make sure that you are calm too as your dog will be able to feel your energy through your hands.
  • Make sure that you are being gentle with your dog.
  • Try a few different rubs to see what your dog likes. Rufio usually loves massages around his neck area where his collar usually sits, his shoulder blades and his chest. Different dogs also like different speeds. Rufio enjoys slow rotating rubs.
    dog massage pug Treats a la Bark
    dog massage pug Treats a la Bark
    dog massage pug Treats a la Bark
    dog massage pug Treats a la Bark
    dog massage pug Treats a la Bark
    dog massage pug Treats a la Bark
  • Some other rubs you may like to try:
    – Stroke the top of the head, slowly stroking down your dog’s back to the base of the tail and then back up
    – Stroke their chin
    – Rub the neck in circular motions and behind the ears with your forefingers
  • Try to understand your dog’s body language to see signs of calm and relaxation. Rufio usually pulls a certain facial expression when he’s relaxed, makes a little snoring noise and tends to lean back into my hands.
  • Always look for signs of discomfort and stop if they your dog becomes anxious.

Enjoy your time with your fur baby! I find it soothing giving him a rub. He usually falls asleep while I’m massaging him and it’s wonderful to see him so content.