Treasures to remember your dog by

I often think about things I can get other than photos that I would like to get to remember Rufio by. Some people get tattoos, other people get jewellery, some will get little trinkets made or portraits of their pups. I have seen a few things that I have on my wish list that I would like to get to personally remember Rufio for the rest of my life. Here are just a few:

1. Dog Nose Necklace
This is my favourite. I have had my eye on it for a while now and plan to get it when we get back from Europe in July. Rufio’s nose is probably one of my favourite features! I always wake up to his face next to mine and him sniffing me and making little sniffing and grunting noises in my ear. I would love this little trinket to remember him and his sweet little nose by wherever I go. They send you a mold making kit to take molds of your dog’s nose. You then send it back to them and from that they make a casting of the nose in sterling silver. They also engrave your dog’s name on the back. How beautiful!
Personalised Dog Nose Necklace

Personalised Dog Nose Necklace

2. Pastel pet portraits by Julie
I would love to get a portrait of Rufio that I could have around the house. Not only would it be a beautiful way to capture his gorgeous face, it would be something that will light up any room in my home. All Julie needs to produce a unique, life-like portrait of your beloved pet/s is a clear photo. Her portraits are approx. 500x350mm (20×14 inches). Photos can be emailed to her here and here is her Facebook Page. Here is some of her work:

Pastel pet portraits by Julie

Pastel pet portraits by Julie

3. Digital pet portraits by Superstudio
If you prefer something a bit more modern and contemporary, Superstudio does some awesome vibrant portraits that you can get done of your pet. All you need to do is send them a photo of  your dog, the size you want and they will do the rest! A great way to add a splash of colour to any room! Here are a few works of theirs:
Pet Portraits SuperstudioPet Portraits Superstudio

Pet Portraits SuperstudioPet Portraits Superstudio

What things do you have to remember your pet by? Have you seen anything else out there that would be a good way to remember your precious fur baby?

In other news, Staffy Rescue has recently had to move due to their lease being up. They held a wonderful sausage sizzle in our local area of Balmain in Sydney to raise money to help them with the move. We weren’t able to attend so we made a small donation to them online.
Staffy Rescue Sausage Sizzle

Luckily, to the great help of everyone, they were able to get enough funds, sign a new lease and start the move. They will be located in Schofields in Sydney Western Suburbs approximately 15 minutes drive from their current location at Box Hill. They need people who can help with some hands on work so if you know any tradies, please contact Tina Smith by emailing

Even if you don’t know anyone, you can help out by taking a Staffy for a short walk and play once a month or make a donation on their Everday Hero page here!

To continue on from this, our featured shelter pup today is from Staffy Rescue. Meet Sammy -as cute as a button! This little guy personifies everything ‘staffy’. Not only is he a handsome little boy, but he’s got the sweetest nature and just loves any attention given to him. He is an easy going boy, active and fun loving – and loves to play. Smaller in size than a standard male staffy, Sammy is just adorable. He gets along fine with other dogs and is a pleasure to have around. Even though he is only a small staffy, he is rather strong for his size. He is white with attractive brindle markings. This little guy is going to make his new family very happy. If you are looking for an active staffy who will regularly spend time with his family and be included in family activities, then Sammy could be the boy for you. He will require a good sized yard, secure fencing and regular daily exercise. Help Sammy find a forever home and visit their website

Adopt shelter dog Staffy Rescue