Featured dogs of the day!

Today’s Le Daily Bark are the 2 gorgeous brand ambassador doggies for Sausage & Sanchez, Hans and Odie.

Odie Allan Sanchez

Le Daily Bark Odie Sausage & Sanchez Treats a la Bark

Chihuahua, Odie Allan Sanchez came into Brooke’s life in May 2011 just a month after she started working at the shelter. Odie Sanchez was dumped and left to wander the streets before being found and brought to the shelter suffering malnutrition, flea bitten ears and kennel cough. Brooke put her hand up to foster this tiny little man and within a few hours she was hooked. She was not giving this dog back. He has spunk and a strut like no other. He knows what he likes and will not settle until he gets it. If he doesn’t like you, you will know about it (and have the bite marks to prove it) – He loves the finer things in life and HATES being cold. The Sanchez is a DIVA and Brooke’s little shadow.

Hans Sausage
Le Daily Bark Hans Sausage & Sanchez Treats a la Bark

Han’s is a clumsy little puppy who at 5 weeks old was left all alone in a dog park to fend for himself. He was brought to the shelter and as soon as Brooke saw him she had to call him hers!  Brooke thought organising this adoption would be hard, as she pretty much had to sell her soul to her partner to be able to keep the Sanchez who had desired a Burmese Mountain Dog for as long as she could remember. Keeping two little dogs was going to be pushing it. But when Brooke’s partner, Tom, saw Han’s goofy little face he fell – HARD and so two big dog-loving people came to be the parents of a Chihuahua and a Dachshund GO FIGURE.

Han’s is an adorable, rough and tumble terror. He has energy to burn and a big wet nose and eyes that you cannot say no to.

Adorable! Thanks Brooke. If you would like your gorgeous dog to be featured as Le Daily Bark, email us at info@treatsalabark.com.au with a picture and a short blurb about them!

Shelter Dog Adopt Labrador Mastiff Animal Welfare League Treats a la Bark

Today’s featured shelter doggie is from Animal Welfare League NSW. His name is Harley who is a gentle Labrador blend possible mastiff. A smooth coated male dog who has come into the shelter’s care as his previous owners worked full time and did not provide enough time for Harley.

We are looking for a home for Harley where he will be a family member. Harley knows his basic commands and enjoys people company and gets excited if he sees a dog lead. So a daily walk is a must for Harley and also inclusion as an integral member of his new family.

If you are looking for a family dog who is happy just to be around you and is not a high maintenance dog then Harley is the answer. A gorgeous sleek black coated dog who will be a wonderful addition to a family or couple. Help find him a forever home and contact Animal Welfare League NSW on Phone: 0407453005.