Top 10 travel essentials for your dog!

Have you ever taken your dog on a holiday with you, perhaps for a road trip up the coast, or maybe camping? Nothing is better than enjoying a break with your gorgeous fur baby! However, taking your dog with you means you need to be prepared! Here are our top 10 dog travel essentials!

top 10 travel essentials for your dog Treats a la Bark

1. Waterless Shampoo by Fuzzyard. Nothing says holiday more than getting a little stinky! So this quick and easy waterless shampoo  is perfect to help spritz on for a quick and wipe off for an easy clean!

waterless dog shampoo fuzzyard Treats a la Bark

2. Collapsible travel bowl available from Pets Palace. A dog’s gotta eat and stay hydrated and you can’t have something as  bulky as your dog’s normal water bowl so this travel bowl is perfect! It collapses to less than 0.5 inches thick. Can be clipped onto leashes, backpacks, belt loops, and even dog collars. Silicone non-porous non-absorbent dishwasher-safe and non-stick!

collapsible dog bowl silicone Pets Palace

3. Comfy bed. Nap time is a must for holidays and this includes your pup! So make sure you bring a comfy bed for them to sleep on. These beds by Hey Pup are made with memory foam for an extra comfy sleep. Also available are gorgeous covers with cute prints, 100% cotton and are washable!
Memory foam dog bed Hey Pup Treats a la BarkMemory Foam dog bed with washable cover Hey Pup Treats a la Bark

4. Poo bags available from Nuts about Mutts. Not having poo bags is like forgetting to flush! Remember to do the right thing and clean up after your dog.  These cute little zip-up dog waste bag dispensers will make sure you’re always prepared. It contains one roll of dog waste bags and an extra 2 rolls. We love the polka dots!

Dog poo bags cute Nuts about Mutts Treats a la Bark

5. Towel by DOOG. Your dog is surely going to need a little face clean up or wipe down after a jump in a lake or roll around in the dirt! This towel is extra soft and is super absorbent. It acts like a shammy so you can wring it dry and re-use straight away.

dog towel Doog Treats a la Bark

6. Paw Balm by Cain and Able available from On All Paws. We love this balm to keep you pup’s paws nice and soft after all that running and walking! It helps protect, heal, and moisturise. It’s also great for sun-burnt noses.

Dog Paw Balm Cain and Able Treats a la Bark

7. You dog’s favourite toy. Your dog may get stressed from being away from home so remember to bring their favourite toys to keep them comfortable. These ones are from the Puppy Tales shop.

puppytales dog toys Treats a la Bark

8. First aid kit. Pretty Fluffy did a cute version you can put together! Things to include are gauze swabs, bandages, cotton swabs, scissors, tweezers, antiseptic, cotton buds, sanitiser and flea and worming treatment.  Additional items you could take with you are plastic gloves, an instant cold pack and bottled water. If your dog becomes seriously ill or hurt, take caution if attempting to treat it on your own. Try and locate the nearest vet.

Dog First Aid Kit Pretty Fluffy Treats a la Bark

9. Seat belt clip from Pet Collars. Remember to always keep your pet buckled in the car! Not only will you avoid getting a hefty fine, but it will help ensure your pet is safe! After all, you wouldn’t leave your own seatbelt off would you?

dog seat belt clip pet collars Treats a la Bark

10. Tote bag by Blueblood Living. Nothing better than to pack all of your dog’s things in this gorgeous bag.  It’s reversible and absolutely adorable!

Dog Tote Bag Blueblood Living Treats a la BarkDog Tote Bag Blueblood Living Treats a la Bark

Happy Travels!