Help us help dogs

Today I am going to feature a few shelter doggies in search of homes.

1. This puppy’s name is Spyro and he is located at Doggie Rescue. He is a 9 month old Beagle x Cavalier.  He is a very friendly happy boy who gets on well with other dogs. Please contact or visit for more details.

shelter dog adopt Doggie Rescue Treats a la Bark

2. This is Hilton. He is an 18 month old Jack Russell located at Jack Russell Rescue. He walks well on the lead and knows how to sit.He is such a lovely and friendly boy. For more information please visit

shelter dog adopt Jack Russell Rescue Treats a la Bark

3.  Sally is a 5 year old from Staffy Rescue. This girl appears to have been used for breeding, time and time again, and then abandoned when no longer serving a purpose. Sally is a friendly, happy dog and despite her apparent sad past, she is keen to meet new friends and join a family who will love and appreciate her for the good girl she is. Sally has been tested with several dogs and has not shown any aggression at all. She is not a fan of cats or cows so a home without these is a must. This girl’s time has now come to start a new life and the opportunity to live happily ever after as she has seen the worst and is now ready for a fresh start. If you would love to meet Sally and think you can provide her with the loving home she deserves please visit

shelter dog adopt Staffy Rescue Treats a la Bark

4.  Humphrey is from Pug Rescue Victoria. He is 10 years old and is a sheer delight. He will be a little heartbeat at your feet. He adores pleasing his humans, absoutely loves playing with toys and is overjoyed when it comes to walk times. Humphrey is fine with other dogs and would do best with at least another suitable canine companion to hang out with in his new home. His new home must have a human that does not leave him for extended periods of time on a regular basis. Humphrey must also have a warm bed inside his new home. If you can help save Humphrey, please visit for more details.

shelter dog adopt Pug Rescue Treats a la Bark

5. Timmy is from Animal Welfare League NSW. He is 13 years old and in need of a loving home. Timmy is a sweet frienly old gentleman. He is very loving which would make him a great companion lap dog. He is a happy soul who loves sitting on your lap. Timmy would suit a retire couple who want a lovely little companion to pamper. If you can help please visit for more details.

shelter dog adopt Animal Welfare League NSW Treats a la Bark

6. Tia from Animal Welfare League QLD. She is a 1 year old Border Collie x Australian Cattledog. This gorgeous girl will need a new owner who can match her seemingly inexhaustable love of play!! Another fluffy companion would be great to keep up with her and keep her entertained throughout the day. If you can help, please contact

shelter dog adopt Animal Welfare League QLD Treats a la Bark


I have to keep posting all these shelter doggies because I really wish I could save them all. There are so many homeless doggies out there. It makes me so sad. The best I can do is get the word out there and I am hoping that someone will see keep seeing these photos and adopt them or know someone who will.  More hands means less paws on the streets!

Shelter dog adopt Treats a la Bark

But a dog would never do it… they love you unconditionally, no matter how cruel people are to them…