Reducing your dog’s anxiety during storms

Dog Storm Anxiety Treats a la Bark
Image from Petsclan.

Well Sydney is set for a wild and heavy storm for tonight. The wind is battering outside and there were a few large branches that had been torn off the trees when I got home. Unfortunately for many doggies, storms can be very traumatic. Dogs with storm anxiety may panic, run in search of a safe place to hide or may even try to run out of the house to try and escape. Other signs of storm anxiety include shivering, pacing, destructive behaviour, losing control of their bladder or bowels, or cramming themselves into tight spaces.

Seeing your dog scared and panicking is definitely not nice. Nobody likes their dog to be upset or scared.

So what can you do to help your dog if your they have storm anxiety? 

  • Create a safe spot for your dog. This spot should be quiet and easily accessible. Fill the space with comfy pillows or your dog’s bed, their favorite toys and a cosy blanket.
  • Play some music to help block out some of the storm noise.
  • Close the curtains or blinds.
  • Bring your dog indoors as soon as you know that a storm is approaching.
  • If your dog is up to it, try to play with your dog. Playing a game of  tug of war or tossing a ball can help distract them.
  • Reward your dog for being calm.
  • Stay with your dog if you can. Sometimes just snuggling up with you and a blanket can do wonders for your pup’s anxiety.

Whatever you do, do not lock your dog in a room or in a crate. Confining your dog can cause extra stress and out of fear, they may panic and can seriously injure themselves by trying anything to get out. If your dog does become destructive, do not punish them as they are acting out of fear and you will only increase their anxiety more.

Storm anxiety in dogs can be challenging, but with patience you and your dog can weather the storms together with minimal anxiety.

Be safe tonight everyone!

Pug Dog Hiding Storm Anxiety Treats a la Bark