You know you’re a dog person when…

You have a kiddie pool in the backyard, but no children.

You buy the butcher’s entire stock of chicken wings.

You have baby gates installed around the house, but you have no children.

You have a dog seat belt permanently clipped into one of the seats of your car. 

You refer to yourselves as Mummy and Daddy.

You share the bed (and pillow!) with your dog.

Your let your dog lick slobber all over your face and it doesn’t bother you.

You love people who like your dog. You don’t like people who don’t.

You take photos of your dog every day.

You open your handbag and there are a bunch of doggie poop bags inside.

You talk about your dog the way other people talk about their child.

You have people calling you a crazy dog person.

A common direct debit from your bank account is pet insurance.

You sign off emails and cards from you and your dog.

You’d rather stay home on Saturday night and cuddle your dog than go out.

You go to Pet Barn on the weekends because it’s one of the few places that lets you bring your dog inside and you love outings with your dog!

You have a shower head hose attached to your bath tap just in case your dog needs a wash after a romp at the park!

You regularly have conversations with your dog.

Your friends notice that your dog is always wearing a different collar every time they see him!

You have your dog’s picture (or a few!) at your office desk but no one else’s.

You don’t go to after work drinks because you need to go home and see your dog.

You share your dressing gown with your dog by letting them climb inside to keep warm.

Your parents refer to your dog as their grandchild.

Your often fantasize about your dog being at your wedding.

Your freezer is full of dog bones and not much else.

You could watch your dog all night as they sleep.

You often find yourself giggling or smiling  at the most random times when thinking about your dog.

You carry pictures of your dog in your wallet instead of any significant people in your life.

You start a business related to dogs!

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