About Us

We are an organic dog biscuit company (launching Sept 2012). Click on the logo above to visit our website and sign up for the updates through our Twilight Bark!

Like all dog lovers, Naomi shares a special bond with her dog, Rufio. This bond is something so special; it is hard to put it into words. The only thing that could sum it up would be “unconditional love”.

We all understand the importance of eating natural and organic food free of preservatives and chemicals but what about our dogs? Dog treats on the market often contain ingredients such as animal by-products and allergens like wheat or dairy that can cause potential serious health effects to your beloved dog.

Naomi believes that dogs only deserve the best and should enjoy the same nutritious foods that you do, just like the rest of your family. After all, dogs are family! With this passion, Naomi created Treats à la Bark. All of our treats are handmade and use only human grade, Certified Organic ingredients. Our treats are made with a low allergy risk formula with no dairy, no wheat,no preservatives, no chemicals, no soy, nothing artificial, no nasties! And best of all, they come in delicious flavours that will make you and your dog drool!

At Treats à la Bark, we love all things dog – from the wagging of their tails, their excitement when you come home, to their face licks and how cute they look when they sleep.  Dogs truly touch your heart. For this reason our aim is to change the world of dogs one bite at a time by providing better food and giving back to charities around Australia that help dogs who are less fortunate.

So, help us help dogs and give back to them for their unconditional love.


Naomi  & Rufio