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Dogs of Nice, France and Lisbon, Portugal

So we sincerely apologise for a lack of blogging recently! We’ve been madly trying to get our website finished in time for pre-orders which will be starting soon! We also apologise for the… Continue reading

Extreme Napping

So we’re back from our holiday but having a few issues with getting photos off our camera so thought we would do a post on extreme napping we have spotted with dogs on… Continue reading

Dogs of Berlin, Germany

Berlin was a completely different setting to where we have been. A total melting point of people and times. Walking through the city, you’re constantly reminded of its past but you can also… Continue reading

Dogs of Paris

Paris was amazing. We rented a cute little apartment in a gorgeous street in Central Paris. While we were there we tried as many delicious cakes and pastries as we could, climbed to… Continue reading

Dogs of Valencia, Rome and Sardinia

We have had a wonderful week and have since travelled to Valencia in Spain, Rome and Sardinia in Italy since our depature from Barcelona. We have seen some amazing sites and plenty of… Continue reading


While we have been away, We have received some devastating news. Chauncey, the first Le Daily Bark and recent big brother to Derek was involved in an accident and unfortunately didn’t make it.… Continue reading

Dogs of Barcelona, Spain continued..

It´s our final day in  Barcelona and we´re heading off to Valencia tomorrow. There are so many dogs walking the streets with their owners, sitting in cafes and in bars. The pet stores… Continue reading

Off to Europe!

Well we’re off to Europe for the next few weeks and will be blogging while we’re away to show you how dogs in Europe live! We are currently in Singapore waiting for our… Continue reading

Taking a holiday without your dog

So we are leaving for Europe this Saturday for a few weeks and Rufio (and I!) are devastated that we won’t be seeing each other for a while. There are many different options these… Continue reading

You know you’re a dog person when…

You have a kiddie pool in the backyard, but no children. You buy the butcher’s entire stock of chicken wings. You have baby gates installed around the house, but you have no children.… Continue reading